Seahawks News · 2021 Fall Cheer Tryouts.

Tryouts for middle and high school sideline teams will be held April 19th, 20th,  23rd, and 26th. Sideline teams will be announced the 26th. For the remainder of the school year, sideline practice will be held for athletes to work on sideline skills; including cheers, motions, jumps, and stunting. Competition team tryouts will be held in May after sideline teams have been selected.

7th-8th graders will cheer sideline for HHIMS

9th-12th graders will be placed on JV or Varsity sideline teams (based on skills and tumbling)

  • Athletes involved in spring sports will be given the opportunity to try-out when their spring season ends.
  • For those girls interested in trying out for the competition teams, evaluations for competition placement will be held the week of May 17th.
  • Please join the HHIMS/HHIHS Cheer Google Classroom: 6btvepj

Please email or for more information.