Seahawks News · 2020 Boys Varsity Soccer First Cut

The following players have survived the first cut of the 2020 Boys Varsity Soccer Team:

Albornoz, Diego

Andreucetti, Renzo

Bowen, Nathan

Cardona, Luis

Claudio, Daniel

Claudio, Dominic

Cornejo, Mike

Cruz, Jair

Deeb, Dylan*

Duncan, Jackson

Garay, Jose

Gutierrez, Gio

Kenny, Damon

Larson, Nic

Lopez, Geo

Maldonado, Jonathan

Manrique, Dilan

Mingorance, Jesus

Pampucha, Cole

Parrella, Kyle

Quintero, Esteban

Ramirez, Joshua

Ramirez, Dennis

Ramirez, Ivan

Ramirez, Fabian

Sanchez, Enrique

Schoeppe, Tyler

Slater, Patrick

Todd, Will

Ward, Jackson


These players are invited to continue training at Barker Field on Thursday (2/6/2020) at 6:30 pm.

JV tryouts also begin at the Swamp on Thursday (2/6/2020) at 4:00 pm (9th & 10th grade only).